Emergency Dental Work

Emergency dentistry information for patients in Edmonton

What You Need To Know About Emergency Dental Work

A dental emergency is an urgent issue relating to teeth or gums that requires immediate treatment. Emergency care may be required for:

  • Mouth trauma from an accident
  • Fractured or broken tooth/teeth
  • Severe swelling and bleeding
  • Broken or lost filling causing pain
  • Abscesses and infections

All dental emergencies should be treated by trained professionals. At Bearspaw Dental, we offer emergency dental services to help preserve your oral health and the integrity of your smile.


Emergency Dental Treatment

Emergency dental treatment varies depending on the type, location and severity of each injury.

For example, if a tooth is pushed sideways during a sporting incident, our dental team would work to reposition and stabilize the tooth. Root canal treatment could be required following the injury and medication may be inserted in or around your tooth to assist with the healing process.

Alternately, if you had a severe abscess, treatment could involve cutting and draining the abscess, root canal treatment or tooth extraction.

Potential risks and complications differ depending on the treatment type. However, emergency dental work ultimately aims to preserve your dental health in unfavourable circumstances.

Contact Bearspaw Dental if you require an emergency dentist by calling 780-436-7001. Upon arrival, our team will examine your teeth and gums, discuss treatment options and take immediate action to relieve pain and preserve your smile.